The power of Housing Opportunity Day – an attendee’s perspective

Lobby days are one of the easiest ways to jump right in to legislative advocacy–and one of the most fun! The prospect of face-to-face visits with your legislators is an invigorating and inspiring experience for participants, not an intimidating one. But don’t just take it from us! Jessica Biel of Pinnacle Architecture in Bend attended our March Housing Opportunity Day and wrote about what  her first lobby day experience meant to her here.

My reason for lobbying: When I stumbled upon Oregon Housing Opportunity Day, sponsored by the Oregon Housing Alliance, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and participate. It was my chance to speak up about the challenges our community was facing and stress the importance of safe, stable, and affordable housing for a healthy economy. […]

Knowledge Gained: At the end of every conversation, I felt the representative listened to my concerns, and I came out with more knowledge on the issues. My biggest take-a-way is the importance of private companies getting involved in the conversation. It’s not just the responsibility of social service organizations; it’s the responsibility of all Oregon citizens.

Read more about how easy it is to get involved on Pinnacle Architecture’s website here. Thank you so much for coming and sharing your story to inspire others, Jessica. We look forward to seeing you again in Salem, along with many new faces!