In the summer of 2004, housing advocates in Oregon came together to address a crisis — A lack of affordable housing.

The Housing Alliance brings together advocates, local governments, housing authorities, community development corporations, environmentalists, service providers, business interests and others concerned about the lack of affordable housing and the devastating impact of the shortage on Oregon families and individuals. We have different interests and approaches, but we agree that the time has come to act boldly and creatively to meet the full range of housing needs in our communities.

Across Oregon, housing prices are out of reach for ordinary people.

Oregonians who have contributed so much – hardworking families and their children, seniors and people with disabilities and veterans – are left with too few options.

Today, one out of every four Oregonians is unable to afford the cost of their housing, both homeowners and renters alike. A person making minimum wage in Oregon needs to work 71 hours a week to afford the “fair market” rent on a two bedroom apartment.

To give Oregon families and our neighbors on fixed incomes the ability to build better lives, we must put housing back within reach.

Decent, stable, and affordable housing creates a foundation for success. With consistent housing, kids do better in school, workers are more productive, communities benefit from active and involved residents. It’s time we give all Oregonians a stable home and the opportunity to succeed.

We know how to solve our housing shortage. We want to build on our track record of success!  Oregon needs to invest public dollars to bring housing back into reach for average people, and support innovative policies that make stable housing a reality for all Oregonians.

Housing Opportunity Agenda

At the heart of the affordable housing crisis is a lack of funding. We still experience a huge shortage of housing to meet the needs of all Oregonians.  Recent Legislative sessions have been the best for housing in Oregon history thanks to the hard work and strong coalition represented by the Housing Alliance. With your help we raised the profile of affordable housing in the Legislature and cultivated legislative champions in the Capitol.  And it made a difference! View our track record of accomplishments.