About the Housing Alliance

The Housing Alliance has a vision of every Oregonian having a safe, stable, and affordable place to call home. To get there, we work together to advance a legislative agenda in Oregon which addresses our communities most pressing housing needs.

We know these problems are within our reach to solve. Our members have decades of experience in solving these issues, helping people get into and stay stable in affordable rental homes, and access homeownership. Together, as a state, we know we can end housing instability.

Our History

In early 2003, housing advocates in Oregon came together to discuss a new approach to housing advocacy at the state level. We envisioned a coalition or alliance that would bring together the many voices and constituencies concerned with devastating impacts of the shortage of safe, stable, and affordable homes on Oregon families and individuals.

The Housing Alliance brings together a broad coalition of people to envision a state where everyone has a place to call home. Our coalition includes advocates, local governments, housing authorities, community development corporations, environmentalists, service providers, business interests and all others dedicated to increasing the resources available to meet our housing needs to support a common statewide legislative and policy agenda.

Our Legislative and Policy Agenda

Our legislative and policy agenda seeks to move us closer to the day when every Oregonian has a safe place to call home. Over our history, we’ve worked on funding emergency rent assistance and emergency shelters, protecting people who rent their homes from arbitrary evictions or rent increases, increasing funding for building more affordable rental homes, maintaining our affordable rental housing infrastructure, helping people access homeownership, and everything in between.

Every year, our membership considers items for our Housing Opportunity Agenda that impact the availability and affordability of a home for Oregonians with low incomes. Increased resources for affordable housing is the primary item on the Alliance agenda. All ideas, strategies and proposals will be considered as the Housing Alliance moves forward.


The Housing Alliance is convened by Neighborhood Partnerships. For more information, please contact Cameron Herrington at 503-226-3001 ext. 710 or cherrington@neighborhoodpartnerships.org. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.