About the Housing Alliance

In early 2003, housing advocates in Oregon came together to discuss a new approach to housing advocacy at the state level. We envisioned a coalition or alliance that would bring together the many voices and constituencies concerned with the lack of affordable housing and the devastating impact of that shortage on Oregon families and individuals.

The Housing Alliance brings together advocates, local governments, housing authorities, community development corporations, environmentalists, service providers, business interests and all others dedicated to increasing the resources available to meet our housing needs to support a common statewide legislative and policy agenda.

Our Legislative and Policy Agenda

Increased resources for affordable housing is the primary item on the Alliance agenda. All ideas, strategies and proposals will be considered as the Housing Alliance moves forward.

The membership will consider support for legislative agenda items that impact housing affordability or our key constituents. We will use a modified consensus decision-making model in all our deliberations.


The Housing Alliance is convened by Neighborhood Partnerships. For more information, please contact Alison McIntosh at 503.226.3001 x110 or amcintosh@neighborhoodpartnerships.org. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.