Welcome to the Oregon Housing Alliance’s 2024 Legislative Agenda page, where we outline our collective focus and goals for advancing equitable housing solutions in Oregon. Together, we are committed to promoting homeownership, preserving affordable housing, and preventing homelessness to create a more inclusive and thriving community for all.

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) (HB4131)

  • This initiative allocates $10 million from the general fund to facilitate matched savings accounts and financial education for approximately 600-700 households across Oregon. These resources are designed to assist individuals and families in saving for various goals, including homeownership, small business ventures, higher education, and other financial objectives.

Building New Affordable Homes for First-Time Buyers

  • With a proposed budget of $15 million, this effort aims to address the housing affordability crisis by leveraging LIFT bonds to construct new homes accessible to first-time buyers in both urban and rural areas of the state. By expanding housing supply and promoting homeownership, this initiative seeks to enhance housing equity and stability for Oregonians.

Mortgages for Homebuyers with Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs)

  • The Housing Alliance seeks to identify legislators and stakeholders who will join us to craft legislation for 2025 that removes barriers to homeownership for borrowers who use an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN), rather than a social security number, to establish credit.

Regulate Predatory Real Estate Practices (HB4058)

  • Establishes three new areas of real estate industry regulation to increase consumer transparency and protect homeowners and homebuyers from predatory practices.

Preserving Existing Affordable Housing

  • This priority allocates $30 million to assist housing providers in acquiring and/or renovating existing affordable housing units, including manufactured housing parks and properties with expiring affordability restrictions. By preserving affordability, this initiative aims to prevent displacement and maintain stable housing options for low-income individuals and families across Oregon.

Address Oregon’s Housing Supply Crisis (SB1537)

  • Supports cities and tribal governments with $500 million in investments to address barriers to housing production, establish a housing production and accountability office, and implement four land use reforms.

Defer Developer Fees to Reduce the Cost of Housing Production (HB4099)

  • Allows cities to defer system development charges (SDCs) for new housing until after construction, reducing expenses for developers and potentially increasing affordable housing production.

Study Options to Reduce Infrastructure Development Costs (HB 4155)

  • Directs the Oregon Business Development Department to evaluate tools to lower the cost of infrastructure projects, including those required for the production of new housing.

Tenant Outreach, Education, and Resource Navigation (SB1530)

  • With a budget of $2 million, this initiative supports community-based organizations in connecting with residents facing the loss of affordability protections. These grants enable organizations to educate residents about their rights and options, provide access to resources, and facilitate connections with housing providers to secure long-term affordability. By empowering tenants with knowledge and support, this effort seeks to mitigate displacement and promote housing stability.

Allow Cities and Counties to Regulate Rents (HB4126)

  • Grants local governments the authority to implement rent regulation policies tailored to their communities, promoting housing stability and homelessness prevention.

Emergency Rent Assistance (SB1530)

  • Allocating $40 million, this priority addresses the urgent need for rent support, with over 80% of evictions occurring due to non-payment. Given the insufficiency of previous funding, this initiative aims to keep Oregonians housed by providing crucial financial assistance to those struggling with unaffordable rents, thereby preventing homelessness and housing insecurity.

Maintaining Homeless Shelter Operations (SB1530)

  • With a budget of $65 million, this priority ensures the continued operation of homeless shelters funded by the state, as well as locally-funded shelters established using American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) resources. By providing essential operating funds, this initiative supports shelters in providing critical services and assistance to individuals experiencing homelessness across various communities in Oregon.

Family Financial Protection Act (SB1595)

  • Protects Oregonians’ ability to maintain their housing and financial stability while paying off debts in collection, enhancing consumer protections during debt collection lawsuits.

Your voice matters! Click on the links to each bill to learn more about how they can impact housing equity in Oregon. Take action by submitting testimony for bills with upcoming hearings and help shape policies that promote affordable housing, prevent homelessness, and expand homeownership opportunities for all Oregonians.