20,000 socks, 250 advocates, 50 legislators and a great Housing Opportunity Day

Lobby Day 2015-149Last week’s Housing Opportunity Day was the most successful ever.

More than 250 advocates participated, 20,000 socks were collected, more than 50 legislators were met with. We had one great hearing in the House Human Services and Housing Committee, there were 2 major news stories (Statesman Journal, KATU) and a half dozen more leading up to March 11. More than 90,000 people saw our #20ksocks hashtag and thousands more heard about homelessness and housing through their televisions, social media, email and word of mouth. Long-time advocates led us in chants and new advocates spoke up or collected socks.

The future is unknown for some big numbers like $100,000,000 for new homes or $20,000,000 for emergency rent and shelter assistance. But there’s no doubt that Housing Opportunity Day on March 11 was a huge success.

To quote the Statesman Journal: “‘We want homes!’ and ‘Housing for all!’ was the battle cry of the day.” And it will be our message loud and clear until every single Oregonian has a safe, decent, affordable place to call home.

Thank you so much to those who were a part of this banner day for housing opportunity!

Reserve your spot for the next Housing Opportunity Day on May 13. Let’s keep the momentum going!


Thanks to Diego Diaz for the photography.


Special Thanks

  • Thanks to everyone who came for their first Housing Opportunity Day
  • Thanks to everyone who donated socks
  • Thanks to those who led visits, mentored new advocates, and shared their stories
  • Thanks to our amazing sock donation sites
  • Thanks to everyone who made the day run smoothly by lending a hand or leading a chant
  • Thanks to those who spoke at the noon rally, news conference, and the afternoon hearing:
  • Rep Jeff Reardon
  • Rep Julie Parrish
  • Bill Hall
  • Martha Olmstead
  • Students: Clare McLeod, Avital Balwit, Arianna Webb and Evan Dvorak
  • Debi Christiansen
  • Martha McLennan
  • Justin Buri
  • And thanks to the NP staff for making it come together