2018 Legislative session begins: advocating for the document recording fee

The Housing Alliance will be seeking a significant increase to the document recording fee in 2018. This is a dedicated, ongoing source of revenue which helps prevent and end homelessness, build more affordable homes, and creates access to homeownership. The bill has been introduced as HB 4007.

We believe that the House Committee on Human Services & Housing could take up this bill to increase the document recording fee as early as Tuesday, February 6, 2018!  We are really excited, and we need your help! Please consider sending in written testimony in support of the document recording fee.

Here is what you need to do to send in written testimony:

1)       The letter should be addressed to:
House Committee on Human Services and Housing
Oregon State Legislature
900 Court Street NE
Salem, OR 97301

Via email: hhs.exhibits@oregonlegislature.gov

2)       Address the letter to:
Chair Keny Guyer, Vice-Chair Olson, Vice-Chair Sanchez, and Members of the Committee

3)       First, introduce yourself and your organization. What does your organization do? Who do you serve? What is your role? Where do you work (i.e., what geographical area do you serve)?

4)       Tell the Committee why housing opportunity is important to you and your organization. Consider using one of our values based messages (here: https://www.oregonhousingalliance.org/talking-about-home/ )

5)       Ask the Committee to support HB 4007, which will increase the document recording fee. As a reminder, the document recording fee is a fee charged when you record the documents on a home purchase or change to the title, or other real estate documents. Currently the fee is $20, and it goes to three purposes:

  • 10% goes to emergency rent assistance;
  • 14% goes to help folks access homeownership – right now, it’s used for down payment assistance and education and counseling; and
  • 76% goes to build more affordable homes.

Within each of these accounts, 25% is set aside to serve veterans.

6)       If you’ve received resources or grants from document recording fee revenues, share that with the Committee. What did you do with it? What change were you able to create in your community? How did rent assistance help? How many people received home repairs or down payment assistance? How many units were created?

7)       If we were able to increase the fee (we’re asking to increase it to $75), what would your organization be able to do with additional resources? Dream big!

8)       If you are an individual, share why it’s important to you that everyone in your community have a safe place to call home. Let the Committee know that the document recording fee can help solve problems in our communities.

9)       Close with a reminder about why housing opportunity matters to your organization, and thank the Committee for their attention.

Questions? Email Alison.