2021 Housing Alliance Endorsements

In addition to our priority agenda, the Housing Alliance supported a number of proposals from members, advocates, and Legislators. These proposals create resources and programs to help people access stable housing, develop more affordable housing, stabilize families in their homes, and address homelessness. In 2021, the Housing Alliance has endorsed the following proposals (check back soon for more updates):

Youth Homelessness (HB 2544): Oregon has one of the highest rates of youth homelessness, including youth in the K-12 system, youth exiting the foster care system, and unaccompanied youth. The Legislature should invests resources  to expand the host home network, which provides a home for unaccompanied homeless youth while they finish high school; and expand existing shelter, mental health, transitional housing, and other services for Runaway and Homeless Youth.

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Pilot Program: Small Homes Northwest is a scalable replicable demonstration project that will build ADUs to support financial stability for modest income homeowners and create an affordable rental home, while preventing displacement. A one-time allocation of $1,000,000 will build 15 new small homes, ten in metro Portland and five outside the metro area, and demonstrate that this scalable replicable model is a viable, equitable and efficient use of funds.

Home Ownership Limited Tax Exemption (HB 2456): The Home Ownership Limited Tax Exemption (HOLTE) is a local option property tax exemption authorized by the Legislature. The authorization allows a property tax exemption for newly constructed, owner-occupied single unit housing for purchase, and limits the income and sales price of the home. The current law only allows two years from the time of application to completed development to ensure the exemption remains in place. This proposal is a technical fix to address problems with implementation, and would amend statute to allow a city to grant a case-by-case extension by up to 24 months, if the applicant can document progress.

Expanding the Definition of Veterans (HB 2094):Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) operates several programs which are designed to serve veterans, including the document recording fee programs. However, the existing definition of who qualifies as a veteran is not inclusive, and excludes many who need assistance and served in the military. This legislative proposal would allow OHCS to convene a Rules Advisory Committee to define “veteran” for OHCS programs in rule, rather than statute.

The Oregon Housing Alliance is convened by the nonprofit Neighborhood Partnerships