2024 Housing Opportunity Day

On February 8th, over 100 advocates, community members, and policymakers gathered in Salem for Housing Opportunity Day, a collaborative effort organized by the Oregon Housing Alliance, Housing Oregon, the Oregon IDA Initiative, and Residents Organizing for Change. This day of action aimed to amplify voices and advocate for policies that prioritize affordable housing.

three photos with an orange background, photo 1: some putting on a name tag and another person looking through a folder, photo 2: a group of people sitting, some hands raised, photo 3: some holding a "Metro 4" sign and another person gesturing with their hands.

(Photos courtesy of Jody Marshall from Seeding Justice)

The day kicked off at 11:00 am at Pringle Hall Community Center, where attendees gathered for check-in and a comprehensive briefing on the day’s agenda. With an extensive legislative agenda in hand, participants were assigned to teams and provided with essential information for their meetings with legislators. There was even a roleplay demonstration. All told, we had 17 geographically based teams, and our advocates represented 28 out of the 30 Oregon Senate Districts and 47 out of the 60 Oregon House Districts.

After wrapping up at Pringle Hall, attendees made their way to the Capitol for a series of meetings with legislators. Armed with passion and determination, advocates engaged in meaningful conversations and shared personal stories to underscore the urgency of addressing housing challenges in Oregon. All and all, our teams met with 58 members of the Oregon Legislature.

Many also made their way to Senator Jama’s office, who graciously hosted the Housing Alliance, for snacks and drinks. While they were there, they signed our “Housing For All” sign with a personal note of appreciation for making this day of action happen.

Housing Opportunity Day was more than just a gathering; it was a powerful demonstration of unity and collective action. Let us carry forward the momentum of this day and work together towards a future where housing is truly accessible for all Oregonians.