5 Housing Bill Updates You Might Have Missed Last Week

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By Omar Carrillo Tinajero

The first week of the legislative session is now behind us. Though it has only been five days, we have gotten a taste of how fast the next five months will go.

As we leap into this journey, I want to invite us to take a few moments to reflect on the purpose of our work. Why have we come together? Why are we part of a coalition? Why are we about to spend countless hours advocating for resources and policies that increase housing opportunity?

For many of us, it is the belief that every person should be able to benefit from the opportunities our great state has to offer.

For others, it is the memory of a person, a family, or a place that touched us and we have resolved to do everything we can to ensure as few families as possible have to experience loss.

And for others, it may be simply that the numbers show that we can do better.

Though the reasons for caring about housing opportunity are many, the reason for joining the Housing Alliance is one: together we are stronger.

As we go forth, let us remember that it is our unity that has made us strong in the past and will continue to make us potent; it is our willingness to put aside self-interest for the common good that has led to our countless victories; and it is our belief in a better Oregon that will guide us through this journey.


First Housing Roundtable
You won’t want to miss the first roundtable of the year. You’ll not only get to hear how the first two weeks of session have gone, but will also have a chance to find out what the Welcome Home Coalition has been working on over the past few months. Thursday, February 12, 4:30-6 PM at Neighborhood Partnerships.

The First Housing Lunch of the session
Join us February 26th to get the latest updates, ask any questions, and propose needed trainings to ensure our advocacy efforts are hitting the mark. Designed for Housing Alliance members who can’t join us at our weekly Steering Committee meetings, these lunches will ensure you know what’s happened and what’s to come in the Capitol. First United Methodist Church of Salem (600 State Street, Salem, OR 97301).

Agenda Update

HB 2610, which provides a technical fix to the Agricultural Workforce Housing statutes, will be heard in the House Human Services and Housing Committee today at 3pm.

Other bills on our Agenda and Support Agenda will have their first public hearing on Wednesday in the House Human Services and Housing Committee at 3pm, including:

  • The House Joint Resolution that would refer a constitutional amendment to allow expanded use of General Obligation bond authority to fund affordable housing for non-elderly and non-disabled households with low incomes.
  • HB 2620, which would require the Department of Transporation to inventory the land it owns that could be planned and zoned for residential use;
  • A similar bill (HB 2881) that would require the Department of State Lands to inventory the land it owns that could be planned and zoned for residential use; and
  • HB 2442, an Oregon Housing and Community Services bill which would restructure the Housing Council and ensure it can assume a stronger leadership role in statewide housing conversations and policy.