Come to Housing Opportunity Day!

By Reyna Gillet


This year we are going to Salem to speak directly to our lawmakers to advocate for housing policies to help make sure that Oregon is a place where everyone has a safe, stable, and affordable home.

Just recently, the Oregon Legislature passed SB 608. That means that for the nearly four in ten Oregonians who rent their homes, they now have some of the strongest protections in our nation.

This did not happen overnight! This took the work of dedicated advocates who live all over the state, from Medford to Portland, who live in apartments, who are students, who have kids, and people who were dealing with the real threat of losing a place to call home.

People came to Salem to tell their stories in front of legislators about how no-cause evictions and big rent increases have hurt them, and left them with a feeling of helplessness. Because legislators heard overwhelmingly from residents and advocates, they understood that this is what Oregon residents needed, and what they spoke up for, so that they and their families could have more safe and stable housing.

And now that we’ve passed SB 608, and have some of the strongest statewide protections for people who rent their homes in the nation, we want you to help us with what’s next!

Join us March 14 for Housing Opportunity Day to meet directly with your legislators. That morning, we will provide a training, and will go over what to expect when visiting the Capitol. You’ll be with a team of other people to tell legislators about what home means to you.

We are focused on increasing funding for emergency rent assistance, and building more affordable homes. We will go over this agenda and much more March 14th!

Come join us!!!

Click to sign up. Last day to register is March 11th!