Get Ready for the National Housing Week of Action!

By Jill Winsor


We know here in Oregon we have the knowledge and skills to address our housing and homelessness crisis. We need our communities and our local, state, and federal governments to work together to invest in permanent solutions such as more affordable rental homes and more rental assistance, among other strategies. The National Housing Week of Action is an opportunity for us to come together, with our allies in other states, and share our vision for what our communities can do together to end housing instability.

This year, the National Housing Week of Action will be Tuesday, May 1 through Tuesday, May 8, and the Housing Alliance has joined the Our Homes, Our Voices campaign to take action to make sure that everyone has a safe place to call home. We need you to raise your voices, and participate in this week of action with us!

The National Housing Week of Action gives us the opportunity to engage our communities, and our elected officials around meeting our housing needs. We’re going to ask you to contact your state legislators to encourage them to increase housing resources here in Oregon. We’re also going to ask you to contact your Congressional delegation to advocate for an increase in federal housing resources.

Mark your calendar for these opportunities to participate. We’ll post instructions for how to participate on our blog!:

  • May 1: Selfie Day! Download a poster and take this conversation to social media!
  • May 3: Contact your State Legislator. Talk with your Oregon elected officials about the housing issues you care about most.
  • May 5-6: Faith Community Days of Action.
  • May 7: Save the date and join the Welcome Home Coalition for an event in Portland to learn more about our community’s need for more affordable homes.
  • May 8: Contact your Congressional Representative. Talk with your National elected officials about the need to increase federal funding for housing opportunity.

Make sure you follow the Housing Alliance blog for more dates, and for a full set of instructions for each opportunity!

Want to organize an event in your local community? Email Jill.