Good News for Housing Opportunity in the State Budget


The Housing and Community Services Department Budget had a work session today in the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Transportation and Economic Development.

EHA/SHAP (Emergency Rent and Shelter Assistance)


This budget version maintains funding for the Emergency Housing Account (EHA) and State Homeless Assistance Program (SHAP) at the 2013-15 budget level—including the increase we won in 2014.

This level is intended to be an ongoing level of support in future biennia. This is a big win for us! We have been asking our legislative leaders for this for several sessions.


This is a great start, but we are far from meeting the needs in all of our communities. There is still time to increase funding and prevent homelessness for many more families.


Ask your legislator to encourage the Ways and Means Co-Chairs to find funding to increase support for the EHA and SHAP.

Foreclosure Prevention


The current budget maintains funding for the Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program at current levels through February 2016. It asks Housing and Community Services to report back during the February 2016 legislative session regarding program utilization, foreclosure rates, and actual monthly expenditures.


This is great news! We will continue to monitor foreclosure rates and need for counseling and be ready to ask the legislature for continued funding as needed.

82 Letters and Counting

The Ways and Means Capital Construction Subcommittee received 82 letters in support of either $100 million for new homes, Preservation, or both. Thank you!

With about 3 weeks (or less) left of the legislative session, we have to finish strong. This final sprint is when all budget decisions will be made. Help us reinforce the message: we need immediate resources to ensure that our families continue to have a home and our families are not displaced and we need resources to build for the future. We cannot afford to go backwards as we take steps forward.

There is still time to write a personal letter to your legislator. Let them know that you really want them to weigh in on increased resources for housing, even if they’re not on Ways and Means.