Help us pass basic protections for people who rent their homes

SB 608 is the proposal which the Housing Alliance and the Stable Homes for Oregon Families coalition have endorsed, and are advocating for. The bill would:

  • Provide protection from no cause evictions for tenants after the first year of occupancy; and
  • Provide statewide protection from economic evictions by limiting rent increases to no more than seven percent plus the consumer price index percentage. It exempts regulated housing, and new construction for the first fifteen years.

We need your help to pass this bill. This bill would provide meaningful protections for people who rent their homes.

How can you help? You can help your Legislators better understand the impacts that housing instability have on our community members and our communities at large.

1) First, find your Senator and their email address, and email them:

  • Your name and where you live (approximately is ok);
  • Share that you believe everyone needs a safe place to call home (or use another value statement);
  • If you work for an organization, share a little bit about your organization and your mission. Who do you serve? Where are you located? What is your mission?;
  • Share one story or data point about the current housing problems our communities are facing. If you can share a story of a renter (yourself, someone you know or someone your organization serves) who received a no-cause or economic eviction, please do so. If you can share that these are happening throughout our communities, please do so;
  • If you are writing on behalf of yourself as a renter or a homeowner, share what having a safe and stable home has meant to you. If you’re a renter who has experienced a no-cause eviction or a rent increase that has displaced you, please share a few sentences about what happened to you.
  • Share the community wide impacts of housing instability on families, churches workplaces, schools – whatever your perspective is, please share so Legislators understand that this isn’t just about one renter and their family, but our community, and the stability of our communities;
  • Ask your Senator to vote yes to support SB 608. Say something like: “People who rent their homes are depending on the Legislature to act to provide basic protections and stability. We know we need to address a range of issues to solve the housing problems our communities are facing, and it is critical the Legislature act now to pass SB 608. Please vote yes on SB 608.”
  • Say thank you! Being a Legislator is incredibly hard work, so please thank your Senator for their service and for reading your letter.
  • Hit send!

2) We will be reaching out asking individuals and organizations to either provide in person or written testimony. If your organization or you as an individual can help, please email Alison today!