The Housing Alliance Endorses Yes on Measure 101

The Oregon Housing Alliance has endorsed Measure 101 because we believe that all Oregonians should have access to healthcare. Access to affordable healthcare means we can take care of ourselves and our families.

Access to affordable healthcare also means we don’t have to choose between seeing the doctor, and paying rent or a mortgage. Having access to affordable healthcare helps our friends and neighbors pay rent on time and keep the lights turned on.

We also know that people experiencing homelessness or housing instability struggle to see the doctor, or take their medicine, and we know it’s hard to keep a roof over your head when medical bills pile up. Housing and health are linked.

We know people with low incomes across Oregon have benefited from access to healthcare, and we need to ensure people keep their access to healthcare.

So did you know there will be an election on January 23, 2018 to decide whether people get to keep their access to healthcare?  We have the opportunity to vote YES on Measure 101 this January. Here are four things you need to know today about Measure 101!

  • The Oregon Housing Alliance has joined over 150 groups across the state in endorsing Measure 101. This coalition includes doctors, nurses, healthcare advocates, hospitals and local businesses, non-profit organizations, and people like YOU!
  • One in four Oregonians depends on the Oregon Health Plan. Measure 101 guarantees that our friends and neighbors who rely on the Oregon Health Plan won’t lose their coverage.
  • Almost half of all Oregon children rely on the Oregon Health Plan to grow up healthy. With Measure 101, families don’t have to worry that their children could lose their coverage.
  • Measure 101 stabilizes insurance marketplaces and premiums. It will save middle-class families that buy their own insurance an average of $300 a month in insurance premiums.

We know that affordable healthcare is important to all of us. We hope you’ll join us in voting YES on Measure 101 for healthcare this January.  To find out more about what’s happening, please take a second to follow the campaign on Facebook so you can keep up to date with the fight for accessible and affordable healthcare.

Also, please consider spending an afternoon or evening with the campaign to spread the word about why access to healthcare is so important. Check out the available volunteer dates and times here: There are events across the state – throughout the Portland metro area, Eugene, Salem, The Dalles, Central Oregon, and Southern Oregon! Find an event near you.