Making the case for emergency rent assistance

The Day of Homelessness Awareness provided a great kick off to our legislative work, and we now have more Legislators interested in making sure funds are available for emergency rent assistance and shelter. We took time in November to share the issue and the stories with critical Legislators.

We are also happy to say we had a hearing on the need for funding to meet urgent housing needs on Thursday, January 16th in front of the House Human Services & Housing Committee. A panel presented compelling testimony, which means we’re helping more Legislators understand this important issue.

The Legislative session begins Monday, February 3, and will last for one month. We know the budget situation continues to be tight. We’ll have to work hard to move up the priority list and get a commitment of $2 million to the Emergency Housing Account and State Homeless Assistance Program.

The Housing Alliance has scheduled its 2014 Housing Opportunity Day for Thursday, February 6. We plan to make a big push for the funds at this point. We’ll be talking to Legislators from all across the state about the critical importance of the work on ending and preventing homelessness, and telling stories both about the need and what we’ve been able to do so far to help people experiencing homelessness.

We need help on February 6th – if you can join us that day, you can find out more and register here: We will schedule visits with your Legislator. On the morning of February 6th, you’ll get a brief training on how things work, and what to tell Legislators, and then you’ll be sent off with a team of partners to meet your Legislator. We’ll even buy lunch!

Through all of February, members of the Housing Alliance will continue working hard to make the case, and to keep us front and center in the minds of decision makers. If you can’t join us on the 6th, there are definitely ways to get involved – you can email, call, or write your Legislator about the importance of this funding!  Stay tuned for more information or email Alison with questions.