October Housing Alliance Update

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What matters most to you?

How we will strengthen tenant protections, prevent displacement or fully fund housing needs in Oregon communities?

October and November is when we need your voice and ideas as the Housing Alliance gathers to craft our priorities and agenda for 2016 and 2017.

Momentum is building in local communities – like Portland’s Renter State of Emergency. Our combined efforts will start to bear fruit as Oregon Housing and Community Services is planning for the use of $20 million in new money to house people with serious mental illness, and $40 million for new housing for families receiving DHS services, for communities of color, and for rural communities.

Now is the time to capitalize on our momentum and leverage even more impact in the Oregon State Legislature.

October: membership roundtables

Join us in October at one of two meetings to talk about the needs we see in our communities, check in on all that’s happening, and share ideas for legislative action.

Help us decide how we might best use the small grants we have available to support our partners. Help us think about next steps, tell us what you need from us, and let’s plan for working better together to reach our goals. How can we best use all of our energy and the resources we have to make change?

Not a Housing Alliance member? Talk to us** about coming as an observer.

October membership meetings:

Monday October 12th, 1 to 3 pm
Neighborhood Partnerships office
310 SW Fourth Avenue, Suite 715
Portland, OR 97204

Thursday October 15th, 1 to 3 pm
Center for Community Innovation (formerly YWCA)
1255 Broadway NE
Salem, OR 97301

** Call Janet at 503-226-3001 ext 103

October RE:Conference

Meyer Memorial Trust has generously provided scholarships to support participation in Neighborhood Partnerships’ RE:Conference. The conference is in Salem at the Convention Center on October 29 and 30th. The 30th will be a day to focus on housing – what the needs are across Oregon, strategies to end displacement, tools to create “Housing First” approaches, innovative building models, policy tools and political strategy.

Come meet people from across the state who are doing what you’re doing, some of them in new and different ways. How can we get better at building housing, shifting local policy, and partnering so that we change the trends in our communities? Challenge yourself and others to RE:Imagine and RE:Design what housing opportunity can be.

Detailed agendas are online, as is the scholarship application.

November Strategy Session with Tanya Beer

November 16th and 17th, 9 to noon, in Salem

Mark your calendars to join us again in November as we dig deep into what it takes to make long-term policy change and explore the many ways each of us and each of our organizations contribute to success.

Tanya is the Associate Director of the Center for Evaluation Innovation, and has lots of wisdom to share in the area of systems change and measuring the impact of advocacy. Tanya will spend time working with members of the Housing Alliance to solidify roles, strategies and tactics for our coalition.

Contact Janet or Jill Winsor if you are interested in attending.