Residents of Affordable Housing at RE:Conference!

By Reyna Gillet

Our yearly RE:Conference is just a short three months away.  In keeping with the trend of introducing innovative and inspirational ideas to our conference-goers, we are pleased to announce this year’s RE:Conference will include a track for affordable housing residents. We will be providing opportunities for advocates to learn how to sharpen their skills, tell their stories, and use their lived experience to inspire others.

Why are we including this at RE? We have been talking a lot about equity at Neighborhood Partnerships, and part of delving into the crucial and vulnerable work that is examining how we are committed to equitable outcomes and inclusivity. We believe whole-heartedly as an organization that those most impacted by legislation and policy need to have a seat at the decision-making table, which is why we’re committed to starting a resident organizing network.

In California and Washington, resident organizing networks have impacted policies and legislation that has helped their communities by providing access to safe, stable, and affordable housing. This is the beginning of Oregon’s organizing efforts. We are excited to be part of what will change the landscape of housing opportunity for our state.

At this year’s RE:Conference, we’ll be offering specific sessions that will help attendees will learn the fundamentals of organizing and advocacy, telling their story, and more. Offering people the tools to fully participate in policy conversations is an essential component to building a strong movement for housing justice.

This is the beginning of our long-term commitment to offering leadership development opportunities to those who live in affordable housing or need affordable housing and are interested in organizing for housing advocacy, and creating more equitable outcomes for their communities.

If you are a resident of affordable housing who is interested in becoming an advocate for your community, or you are a staff member who would like to support the residents of your community in this way, and have a resident in mind who would benefit from meeting and connecting with peers who will be at this conference, please consider attending this year’s RE:Conference! We have a reduced registration rate as well as scholarships available.  We encourage you to apply!