It’s Shaping Up To Be A Historic Session for Housing Opportunity

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The legislature is wrapping up its final decisions. The ink isn’t to paper yet, but historic investments will ensure more Oregonians will have access to housing opportunity and the many benefits that come with it!

Though no final votes have been made, we’re looking forward to celebrating our successes this session.

According to current budget proposals here’s how everything would shake out:

Building For The Future

✔  $40 million in General Obligation Bonds to create new homes affordable to families across the state and build a better future across Oregon through the newly created Local Innovation and Fast Track Development Program

$20 million in Lottery Backed Bonds to build homes for people with mental illnesses. (A National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) proposal that we support and are excited about!)

Immediate Resources

$9.75 million for the Emergency Housing Account (EHA) and State Homeless Assistance Program (SHAP) from the General Fund. (This is in addition to the money that goes into the Emergency Housing Account from the Document Recording Fee.)

$2.5 million in Lottery Backed Bonds to preserve currently affordable homes. This will ensure that across the state, thousands of people with extremely low incomes — less than $10,000 a year — can continue to live in homes with federal rent subsidies and in manufactured home parks.

Continued funding for the Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance (OFA) Program. We know that foreclosures in our state are still four times the “normal” rate. The OFA Program provides essential information, counseling and legal support to residents going through the process.

And Don’t Forget the Many Support Agenda Policy Changes That Will Increase Housing Opportunity

Check the full list of policy victories, including property tax solutions, increased access to land, tax credits, and more!


Your visits, letters, and calls made this possible. This has been one of the best sessions ever for housing. These victories came after much robust conversation throughout the Capitol and elevated attention to both the needs for housing in our communities and the many policy and funding tools that offer solutions. We are excited to continue to work with all of you to make sure that everyone in our state soon has a safe, stable, affordable place to call home.

Stay tuned for a final update when the 2015 Legislative Session comes to a close.