Submit Your Testimony in Support of Housing Opportunity

16647920270_fae292d730_zEvery Oregonian should have a decent and stable home that they can afford, but this opportunity is more at risk than ever. The 2016 legislative session is our chance to help make homes a reality for all Oregonians. Housing opportunity is a top priority at the legislature, and here’s how you can help advance housing opportunity in Oregon.

The Oregon Legislature's Human Services and Housing Committee is hearing a critical bill - The Housing Relief Act (HB 4001/LC 284)Please fill out the form below by 3pm on Feb. 1, 2016 to submit your testimony to the committee administrator.

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    I'm [your-name], from [ORGANIZATION] and I live in [location]. I am writing to ask for your support for basic tenant protections that will increase housing stability for Oregon’s renter families.[your-message]

    Good tenants should not fear suddenly losing their homes or facing large rent increases, both of which can have devastating consequences, including homelessness. Tenants should have at least 90 days’ notice for no-cause evictions and rent increases, and be protected from retaliation.

    We must act now to help renters maintain housing stability and to increase the number of affordable units. I hope that you will support these measures. Thank you for your service.