Tell Your Senator: We Can't Go Home without Tenant Protections!

SRBackpage_Feb19Housing opportunity is a top priority at the legislature--but during these final days of session, we need one more push to ensure that renters get help. Every family should have access to housing they can afford, but communities throughout our state are facing unprecedented and sudden increases in rent. We need you to tell your senator to take action on tenant protections in HB 4143, which would require 9o days' notice for rent increases and stabilize rents for the first year of tenancy. Here's how to make it happen:

Step 1Find your senator here and

Step 2: Call or email your senator today and tell them why protection for renters matters to you--and how housing instability is hurting communities throughout Oregon. Let your senator know that we can't go home without protecting tenants from sudden rent increases.

Thank you for helping make housing opportunity a reality this session--now we need just one more push to get the job done!