There’s Still Time to Make an Impact on Housing Opportunity

You Can Help – Make Calls Today!

Ask your legislator to SAY YES and STAND UP for housing opportunity.

Find guidance for letters and calls for these three priorities here:

Where We Are

The Housing and Community Services Budget which includes some of our Housing Opportunity agenda items will soon be voted on in the full Ways and Means Committee. It includes:

  • Current funding levels for emergency rent assistance (EHA/SHAP) – this includes the increase we won in 2014!
  • Current funding levels for the Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program through February 2016, and an opportunity for more money as we need it.

Where We Need To Go

We still need TO MOVE FORWARD:

  • $100 million in General Obligation bonds for new homes. (This decision will likely be made in the coming days by members of the Capital Construction SubCommittee.)


  • Continued investments from the legislature to preserve currently¬†affordable homes
  • Additional funding to prevent and end homelessness, which is at all-time high levels in the state.

And don’t forget what we’ve already accomplished together…