Working toward 2014, 2015

The Housing Alliance is continuing its work to prepare for the 2014 and 2015 Legislative sessions. Each fall, members of the Housing Alliance come together to review urgent needs, priorities, and opportunities to advance housing related legislation in the State Legislature. Members propose items for consideration, and together, we determine what our agenda will look like to respond to the most urgent housing needs in our community. As always, the Housing Alliance strives to increase housing opportunity, and one key way we do that is to increase funding dedicated to meeting housing needs across the state. For 2014, the Housing Alliance is considering three items on our agenda – increasing emergency rent assistance and shelter funds; providing opportunities for residents of manufactured home parks to purchase their parks; and additional resources to provide counseling and legal assistance for homeowners facing foreclosure. We’re also starting discussions about the 2015 Housing Opportunity Agenda. Now is the perfect time to join the Housing Alliance and our discussions about what is coming up in the future. Our next membership meeting is Tuesday, November 12th, in Salem. Email Alison with questions.