The 2021 Housing Opportunity Agenda 

The 2021 Legislature should act to help Oregonians achieve housing stability. These proposals are the Housing Alliance's recommendations to support more Oregonians to access opportunity through safe, stable, and affordable housing. Check back soon for more updates.

Prevent and End Homelessness (HB 5011): Across Oregon, we have a statewide system to distribute emergency rent assistance, rapid re-housing resources, and emergency shelter support through the Emergency Housing Account (EHA) and the State Homelessness Assistance Program (SHAP). Significant resources are needed to meet the needs of people experiencing housing instability. In 2021, the Legislature should commit $50 million to these two programs.

Property Tax Exemption, Updates for affordable housing (HB 2456): Over the years, the Legislature has authorized several local option property tax exemptions for affordable housing, including ORS 307.515 and ORS 307.540. Local option property tax exemptions are one tool local jurisdictions can use to help incentivize and make affordable housing developments financially viable in their communities. Recently, the federal government made a critical change that will allow for more people of different income levels to be served by affordable housing. The Legislature should update the local option property tax exemptions to align with this new criteria. 

Property Tax Exemption, sunset extension (HB 2446/SB 155) : Over the years, the Legislature has authorized several local option property tax exemptions for affordable housing. In 2015, the Legislature allowed projects that had previously qualified under ORS 307.130 to maintain their exemption in order to maintain affordable housing in communities across Oregon. The Legislature should extend the sunset on this exemption.

Preserve and Maintain existing affordable housing (SB 5534): Across Oregon, we need to maintain our supply of existing affordable housing, and reinvestment is needed to maintain safe, stable, and affordable homes. These funds are needed to help to maintain all regulated, multifamily affordable housing, as well as public housing and manufactured home parks. The Legislature should commit Lottery Bonds to meet needs to maintain existing affordable housing across Oregon.

Increasing our supply of safe, stable, and affordable housing across Oregon (SB 5505/SB 5506): Additional resources to develop regulated affordable housing are needed, including rental and homeownership opportunities. Since 2015, developers have successfully utilized general obligation bonds to build affordable housing through the Local Innovation and Fast Track, or LIFT Housing program. In 2021, the Legislature should commit additional Article XI-Q General Obligation bonds to this successful program.

Foreclosure Moratorium & Foreclosure Counseling: As the pandemic continues to impact people's ability to go to work, homeowners are at increased risk of foreclosure and it's devastating impacts. The Legislature should reinstate the foreclosure moratorium (HB 4204, 1st Special Session, 2020) to protect homeowners from losing their homes in a global pandemic. In addition, organizations provide counseling to homeowners facing foreclosure to help them successfully navigate the Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance program, and find an agreement with their lender.  The Legislature should commit additional resources in 2021 to provide counseling to homeowners at risk of or facing foreclosure.

Oregon Individual Development Account (IDA) Initiative (HB 2551): The Oregon Individual Development Account (IDA) Initiative is a matched savings program which is one of Oregon’s only tools to help people with low incomes build assets such as a home, a small business, or an education. The Initiative is flexible, and supports the unique approaches of culturally specific, rural and urban partners as they work to build better futures in their communities. The Initiative has been funded through a state tax credit.

In addition, the Housing Alliance has endorsed several proposals.

The Oregon Housing Alliance is convened by the nonprofit Neighborhood Partnerships