It’s time for housing advocates to get LOUD about more homes!

We need your voice to advocate for more safe, stable, and affordable homes.It’s budget time in the Oregon Legislature, and we are calling all housing advocates! We need your help to advocate for more resources for more safe, stable and affordable homes.

This week we are asking for your help to call your Legislators about building and maintaining safe, stable and affordable homes in our communities.

Can you spare five minutes to write an email or call your Legislator? We’ll make it easy:

First, find your Representative and Senator. There are two Legislators who represent you in Salem, and we want you to contact both of them! Enter your address to find out who they are, and how to reach them.

Second, start your email. Open your letter by sharing your name, and generally where you live (or the area your organization serves). Let them know you’re writing to ask for their support to help make sure every Oregonian has a safe place to call home.

Share either a story about housing needs in your community, or one (only one!) statistic or data point about the housing needs in your community.

Now, ask your Legislators to invest in housing opportunity! This session, the Housing Alliance has a number of budget proposals that we’re advocating for, and right now we want your help to secure resources to build and maintain safe, stable and affordable homes across Oregon.

Last, it’s time for the ask:

  • Ask for their support to help build and maintain safe, stable, and affordable homes across our state. We’re not just asking for their vote – we’re asking for these resources to be on their list of things that absolutely must be invested in. Here is a partial list of proposals that will support building and maintaining safe, stable and affordable homes that we’re asking for this session – Pick one to ask for their support on:
    • $200 million to build new, safe, stable, and affordable homes for rent and for sale across Oregon through the LIFT program.
    • $100 million to maintain safe, stable, and affordable rental homes across Oregon.
    • $50 million to build new permanent supportive housing for people exiting homelessness.

Remind your Legislator what it means to have a safe, stable, and affordable place to call home, and thank your Legislator for their attention and for their service.

That’s it! Thank you for your advocacy! (We’ll be back next week for advocacy on other budget requests!)